29th September 2018
Lotus 70th Anniversary Party
Group Lotus celebrate 70 years of our favourite marque at the the Lotus factory
Lotus 70th Anniversary Party
The latest news and information about the Lotus 70th Anniversary Party
Free Tickets

Are you a Lotus owner? Bring your Lotus and we'll provide you with a free ticket & on-site parking at the Lotus Factory*.

You'll be able to view the Lotus factory, workshops and design studios with on-track activity throughout the day.

CTL will be in attendance with a selection of their amazing F1 cars with static and on-track demos.

Lotus Clubs

With over 300 cars on display from the various Lotus clubs, take a look and join up!

As a celebration of the Lotus 70th Anniversary, Lotus have opened the gates for all to visit and catch up with their favourite marque.

All owners who bring their Lotus to the factory on the day will have a free pre-booked ticket and on-site parking. This ticket is per car, maximum 2 people car.

Planning on visiting without your Lotus? Please contact your local dealer who will be able to obtain tickets for you.

Please keep visiting this website as more news about the event and a full timetable will be published in due course. 

We are now at capacity for the number of Lotus cars that will fit on site. Free tickets to attend the party are still available via your local Lotus dealer or Lotus Car Club.


Q – Can I have a ticket, I missed the website going live?

A – Ticket allocation to owners of Lotus have sold out, certain Lotus Clubs and official Dealerships might have allocation left, please contact them directly. Regrettably when a limited number of tickets are available to any event, they will sell out and leave some people disappointed.

Q – Why weren’t we given more notice of ticket availability/you didn’t give us fair warning/how was i supposed to know…..

A – Lotus cars gave public notice across our social media channels the day before tickets went live. When tickets went live we notified the public via our main social channels once again. Regrettably when a limited number of tickets are available, they will sell out and leave some people disappointed.

Q – Why haven’t you picked a location more people could fit inside?

A – Hethel is the home of Lotus cars, there is no better place to celebrate. Unfortunately like all event spaces we only have a certain amount of space allowable for a certain number of people. This ensures those who do attend have the best possible experience.

Q – I don’t have a local dealer and I do not subscribe to a club.

A – This event is a celebration for Lotus owners, if you are looking to purchase a Lotus in the near future and would like to attend please visit (http://www.lotuscars.com/dealers-and-service-centres) to find your nearest dealer.

Q – Can I just come anyway? Turn up on foot?

A – No. The only way to enter the Lotus 70th birthday event is with a valid ticket and a Lotus. All cars and guests will be checked at the entrance. No ticket, no entry we are afraid. 

 Q – When will I receive my ticket?

A – Tickets are being posted to your delivery address in early September.

Free for owners bringing their Lotus to the Festival - *Limited Availability
Lotus Owner
Buy Ticket

*****SOLD OUT***** FREE ticket for Lotus owners bringing your Lotus car to the Festival. Tickets are per car (maximum 2 people), not per person. Please note that there are a limited number of tickets available for this event.

Guest Ticket
Find your local dealer.

If you're heading over without a Lotus, this is the ticket for you. 1 ticket per person and includes transportation from parking to Hethel and return via shuttle. These tickets can only be ordered on your behalf by your local Lotus dealer.

Our Charities
We're supporting 2 charities at the event
Lotus Cars
Past Lotus Celebrations
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